Film breathes life into learning
Be honest: when was the last time you were captivated by a PowerPoint slide, 
policy document or e-learning? And when you’re kind of bored with the presentation, 
how much do you remember and put to use?  

We create film-based learning experiences that inspire action.  
Our learning experts’ top five reasons to use film
• Increase engagement
• Learn faster
• Employees preferred format
• Higher knowledge retention
• Effective performance support
• Increase engagement
• Learn faster
• Employees preferred format
• Higher knowledge retention
• Effective performance support

Use film magic to fulfil your learning needs 

Ensure compliance with policies like your Code of Conduct or GDPR

Understand a new way of working and adapt to a new process 

Change behavior in the workplace or sales situations

Explore worksites from anywhere using immersive 360-video

Introduce new technology with hands-on-training led remotely by instructors – no travel required 

Solve problems on the spot using engaging video clips for immediate 

Sustainable Food Learning & Communication

“The communication and learning created, using story telling is really inspiring, meeting the different target group needs in a very positive way.”
360-video Automation Room Tour 

“The film solution helped employees understand the concept of Automation. It can be used by anyone to learn. It will reduce waiting time and can be used globally. All new employees will have it in the Induction programs. I like it so much. Such a pleasure.”
Strategy Implementation

“The launch of "Winning together" for our leaders was a complete success. The film was received with applause. We got both a sense of urgency and a belief in the future. ”

We create powerful learning experiences through film

At Symbal, we believe in the power of film to engage and educate people. Today, film is the most powerful learning format for engaging learners and helping them retain new knowledge. Modern online habits, and general information overload, all speak for film-based learning.

Symbal work with international corporations, local companies and public organisations. This has given us hands-on experience with all the major technical learning platforms on the market and how to create impact. Our job is to adapt learning to your world, both in terms of pedagogy and technology.

Get in touch for a free 30-minute chat to discuss your learning need and get some quick inspiration and tips. Did we mention it's for free?

Do you want to produce learning videos on your own?

Great! If you have internal resources, we'll coach you in creating the professional and positive learning experience that your audience deserves. By combining your team's knowledge and our film and learning expertise, together we can create smart and modern solutions - solving your everyday needs.
We are Sweden's leading change communication agency and combine communication with learning in order to make corporate strategies a reality. Our mission is to ensure our customer's change initiatives succeed. We believe in change for the better.
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