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Do you want to learn the secrets 
of successful change? 

Using a tried and tested methodology developed together with IKEA more than 15 years ago, we will take you through the change steps so that you can apply the thinking in your organisation today! 
Change communication video guide

In this short video guide we cover:

  • The change curve and why this is vital to building a strong change communication plan
  • Our proven 5 step model for change communication– a vital part of our DNA 
  • How to create world class change communication content

Our customers:

" The collaboration with Symbal meant that we were well prepared for the change journey ahead and we all had a story that everyone understood and felt involved in."
" We’ve learned a lot about systematic change work thanks to Symbal. Their 5-step model offers a systematic and logical approach. What I appreciate about Symbal is the combination of systematics, pedagogy with creative and inspiring visual communication."
" The work of getting 40-50 leaders on the train by building a group with common values and consensus around long-term goals and business strategy was a challenge. For me as CEO of Elfa, Symbal and the team were extremely valuable as both strategic and operational support on our great journey of change. "
“Every time I have reached out to Symbal for support, I have been very satisfied with the result. Recently Symbal helped me with strategic planning and the creation of communication to support a complex change journey. They listened very closely to understand our needs, then mapped the change communication required. They produced communication and learning, using story telling in an inspiring way. We received communication that was positive and fun, meeting and engaging the different target groups successfully.”
IKEA change communication
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